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Life isn’t always easy. Let me rephrase: life isn’t usually easy. We all struggle, whether it’s mentally, emotionally, physically, or even financially. And sometimes, we don’t know where to turn. The solution that worked last time isn’t working this time; or maybe you never had a solution, and the problem has only gotten worse. In any case, working with a Christian counselor can help.

Christian counseling is a spiritual approach to therapy, which utilizes both faith and psychology-based principles. It’s proven to help clients find healing and make important strides toward an overall healthier life. Are you interested in meeting with a Christian counselor or learning more? Reach out to Thriveworks Newton.

Who Can Benefit from Christian Counseling?

Despite what you may infer, Christian counseling can benefit anybody who needs or seeks assistance and guidance from a mental health professional. You don’t have to be “super religious” to find value in this form of treatment. Your counselor will tailor the therapeutic experience to best help you, depending on your religious or spiritual beliefs as well as your therapy goals. In sum, Christian counseling highlights the importance of faith, morals, and values, which are defined by a client’s…

·      Loving nature
·      Empathy toward others
·      Desire to serve or help others
·      Ability to spread and experience joy

Whatever challenge you’re facing, a Christian counselor at Thriveworks Newton can help you, using a variety of therapy techniques, best suited for you.

Meet With a Christian Counselor at Thriveworks Newton

If you’d like to experience the firsthand benefits of working with a Christian counselor, reach out to Thriveworks Newton today. You can call us at (617) 992-2827, and a scheduling specialist will help you book an appointment with a skilled, caring provider who can best help you. Or, you can also visit our main website here to schedule your session and find out more about our practice.


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