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What is Christian Therapy, Christian Counseling, Psychology, and Life Coaching?
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The following article was written to help persons in the greater Boston area differentiate between different helping services that are readily available.

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Christian Therapy:

Christian Therapy is a broad term, and can be used to describe a wide variety of “therapeutic” services.

Christian Therapy services include anything from Physical Therapy, to Wardrobe Therapy (apparently this is the process of improving one’s fashion), to the Professional Christian Counseling Therapy Services provided at Thrive Boston Christian Counseling.


Psychotherapy is the process of using psychological and mental health techniques in a one-on-one, or a group setting. With psychotherapy, a therapist and client will often discuss personal aspects of a client’s life as part of an approach to help the client overcome life problems, and increase life satisfaction.

Christian Counseling Therapy / Talk Therapy:

Christian Counseling, alone, is almost as board of a term as Christian Therapy and can include Debt Christian Counseling, Financial Christian Counseling, or any interaction where one person is consulting, or “Christian Counseling” another person on a specific topic.

Christian Counseling Therapy, also known as Talk Therapy, is synonymous with psychotherapy, which is describes above. Historical Note: The process of talk therapy, in days of antiquary, was originally referred to as “The Talking Cure”

Mental Health Christian Counseling:

Mental health Christian Counseling is synonymous with psychotherapy, talk therapy, and Christian Counseling therapy. However, mental health Christian Counseling is a restricted term in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Hence, in order for someone to state they provide Mental Health Christian Counseling, one must be a licensed mental health provider, often an LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselors).

Note: Thrive Boston Christian Counseling Therapy services are provided by professional and licensed Mental Health Providers.


Psychology is the study of the mind. A psychologist, which is someone with a doctoral-level degree in psychology, can be trained to perform a number of tasks including research, psychological testing, and psychotherapy.

Life Coaching:

Life coaching is a process where a person who is not suffering from any clinically significant mental disorders (i.e., depression, addiction, etc.) seeks professional assistance in life improvement. Life coaching often involves mapping out and developing life goals, and strategically setting out to accomplish those goals. Life coaching is a unregulated field, meaning that anyone can say they are a life coach regardless of education or training.

Note: At Thrive, we offer a variety of Christian Counseling Therapy and Life Coaching services. However, regardless of service, the members of our therapy staff hold masters and doctoral degrees in mental health, as well as professional licenses.

Lay Christian Counseling / Lay Christian Therapy:

Lay Christian Counseling, or lay Christian Therapy, is when someone with limited training in Christian Counseling therapy helps another person by providing support, basic guidance, and a listening ear. Lay Christian Therapy is not a replacement for professional care, but is often a useful adjunct to professional services. Lay Christian Therapy is traditionally a free service, and is often offered in venues such as churches, crisis centers, or crisis pregnancy centers.

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